We are Ground Control

We build interactive voice experiences for your voice enabled devices. That sounds complicated. How about, we work with cool people like VP Joe Biden to curate stuff they like, and create new content that you can tap into. Joe Biden's’s Ground Control channel can read to you, send your phone a list of recommended books, or curate the newest and best short-stories published today. We work with interesting people to understand what gets them excited, and then build that into an evolving algorithm that understands their choice patterns.



Our work also extends to voice, and the impact that voice has on the human brain. We already know that we use sound-information to empathize before our other senses have gotten the information they need to make a judgement. It’s the rhythm of human language that establishes that foundational connection between humans, and a central reason that we’re building our programs with real people, and real opinions. Ground Control is the marriage of technology and pop culture to foster connections between the audiences that listen to it – and eventually, to create opportunities for global feedback utilizing the most honest indicator we have: our tone of voice.


Mike Macadaan (far left), Ground Control founder and ceo / Photo by Elliott Grogan

Mike Macadaan (far left), Ground Control founder and ceo / Photo by Elliott Grogan


We're in the Arts District Downtown Los Angeles. If you want to get in touch, email us eli@groundcontrol.ai.